A popular verse in Sanskrit literature, The Story of the Bee and the Lotus

rātrirgamiṣhyati bhaviṣhyati suprabhātaṁ
bhāsvānudveṣhyati hasiṣhyati paṅkajaśhrīḥ
evaṁ vichintayati koṣha gate dvirephe
hā hanta hanta nalinīṁ gaja ujjahāra 
(Sukti Sudhakar) ][v56]

There was a bee, taking nectar from a lotus flower. He was so engrossed that he did not notice the flower closing. Once he realized this, he decided to stay put. The petals of the lotus were so delicate, that he did not want to damage them by forcing his way out. So instead, he waited, thinking that the night will soon be over, it will be morning, the sun will rise, and the lotus will open. While the bee in the flower was thinking thus, an elephant came, uprooted the lotus, and crushed both the lotus and the bee underfoot.

Such is life.

This does not mean that the bee will stop doing what it does, and the same applies to the elephant, and the lotus.

(Contributed by Navin)