“योगी आणि सासुरवाशीन” by Bahinabai Chaudhari, a poet in the Ahirani language of Khandesh (Jalgaon) from a book of her poems, `Bahinabaichi Gani’. Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University has recommended the book as a part of their curriculum from June 2012.

“The Yogi and the Daughter-in-Law”


बसलो मी देवध्यानी, काय मधी हे संकट

बाई बंद कर तुझ्या तोंडातली वटवट


What’s this disturbance, as I sit here meditating

Woman, stop your mouth from blabbering

“माझं माहेर माहेर” सदा गाणं तुझ्या ओठी

मंग माहेरून आली सासरले कशासाठी ?

‘My Mom’s-house Mom’s-house’ – this song is constantly on your lips

Then why did you come from your mom’s-house to your in-laws’?


आरे, लागले डोहाये सांगे शेतातली माटी

गाते माहेराचं गानं लेक येईल रे पोटी

Daughter in law:

I have cravings, says the soil of the fields,

Singing songs of Mom’s-house, means I’m pregnant with a girl,

देरे देरे योग्या ध्यान एक काय मी सांगते

लेकीच्या माहेरासाठी माय सासरी नांदते

Pay careful attention Yogi, listen to what I say,

For the daughter to have a “Mom’s house”, the mom toils at the in-laws’,

देव कुठे देव कुठे, भरीसनी जो उरला

अरे, उरीसनी माझ्या माहेरात सामावला

Where’s God, Where’s God, filled up everywhere and still left over,

And the left overs have all permeated into my Mom’s house.

Contributed by Navin