4 December, 2016

The meet started off with a discussion on what the term `conflict’ means and interpretations ranged from `sangharsh’ (struggle) for rights to confrontation to  what results when varying perspectives collide. Conflict was recognised to be both external and internal in nature.  It is not undesirable in all cases, the group reflected. All stories are crafted to have  a conflict  and a conflict resolution..and in the run-up to the meet Moushumi shared a piece on the types of conflict found in prevalent literature (Here)

Here is what was shared that evening

  1. An extract from Swami and Friends, that classic book on the adventures of Swami in small-town Malgudi by  renowned author R K Narayan. The conflict here is between the religious views Swami holds and the forced indoctrination that is sought to be done at his convent school.    More here
  2.  An excerpt from Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome, hilariously showcasing the conflict between man and inanimate objects, in this instance, the towline of the boat.  More here
  3. A Hindi song `Isliye raah sangharsh ki hum chune’ by Anoop Vashisht, used extensively in social mobilisation movements in Central and Northern parts of India exhorting communities into protest and action against injustice.  More here
  4. Marathi poem `Dabaav Aanu Naye Tumhi’ by Narayan Surve. More here
  5. A collection of shers using sea-side imagery to explore varying types of conflict. More here
  6.  Marathi poem `Ek Diwas Me Parameshwarala’ by Keshav Meshram depicting conflict between man and the concept of God. More here
  7. A Hindi translation of Hamlet’s `To Be or Not to Be’ soliloquy by Navin.. Jeeyon ya mar jaaon. More here
  8.  Revolutionary spirit distilled into the Hindi poem ` Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna’ by Bismil Azimabadi. More here
  9. Poem ` I  Rise,  I  Rise’ by  Maya  Angelou – a defiant voice against racial discrimination. More here
  10.  Marathi poem `Yeshil tevha japun ye tu‘ by the famous poet  B S Mardhekar. More here
  11.  Rumi’s `One  Song’. More here
  12. `Minstrel  Man’ by noted American poet  Langston Hughes painting the subtle nature of expression of conflict, how what you see on the surface is not always indicative of what teems inside. More here