The theme was `travel’and travel we did… from the dusty desert sands of Afghanistan to the opulent French courts of 1650’s and USA of the seventies. Poetry, excerpts from novels to a live-experience activity – we had it all.

  1. Vasant Bapat’s poems from his book `Pravasachya Kavita‘ that capture his experience of being a tourist in the US in the seventies. Read more.
  2. An excerpt from the `Time Machine’ by H G Wells. Read more.
  3. Landays from the Pashtuni women in Afghanistan. Read more.
  4.  The famous poem `The Road Less Traveled’ by Robert Frost. Read more.
  5. `The Map of Tendre’, a French map of an imaginary land called Tendre that charted the path towards love. Read more.
  6. Traveling back in time to memories evoked by a `hands-on’ game . Read more.
  7. Nissim Ezekiel’s poem `The Enterprise’. Read More

As always, the ways in which `Travel’ was interpreted and selections made led to a very interesting session. It was made extra special by the presence of our sweet guest member, Chaiti and by Devika joining us in person rather than being the usual dis-embodied voice on Skype 😀