Yes, THAT was the theme. Animals.

So, we had some contributions that were bang on target and some that had tenuous links to it and some were ..well… about  animals but not from the realm of literature. Here is what it was:

  1. Poems by Ogden Nash on the camel, octopus, termite, turtle, ant, dog,  rhinoceros, wasp, ostrich, firefly, centipede and the germ
  2. A Tanzanian folktale – How the Monkeys saved the Fish
  3. Marathi poem `Goshti Gharakadil Me Vadta Ghadya Re‘ by Keshavsut
  4. `Ahi Nakool’ by the Marathi poet Kusumagraj
  5. The Lion’s Share, a Nubian Folktale
  6. Marathi poem `Pandhare Hatthi‘ by Grace
  7. Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach, a Cuban folktale
  8. The Ox, a short story by H E Bates
  9. The Flight of Birds, by Meena Kandaswamy.
  10. The story of how eighteen animals got their names. More 

Enjoy reading!