The StoryBench

We are a community of people who share a love of the written word. We meet to read stories, poems, songs… around a decided theme. This blog is a repository for all that is shared in these meetings.



Meet 11: Loneliness

31 March, 2017 It was a somewhat lonely session with only three people able to make it. Discussion veered toward the difference between `loneliness' and `solitude'. Wendel Berry wrote ` In solitude one’s inner voices become audible [and] one responds... Continue Reading →

Acquainted with the night

This is a poem by Robert Frost that speaks of human alienation and hints at depression. I have been one acquainted with the night. I have walked out in rain—and back in rain. I have outwalked the furthest city light.... Continue Reading →

When I have fears

By John Keats When I have fears that I may cease to be Before my pen has glean'd my teeming brain, Before high-piled books, in charact'ry, Hold like rich garners the full-ripen'd grain; When I behold, upon the night's starr'd... Continue Reading →

Meet 8: Animals

Yes, THAT was the theme. Animals. So, we had some contributions that were bang on target and some that had tenuous links to it and some were ..well... about  animals but not from the realm of literature. Here is what... Continue Reading →

Goshti Gharakadil Me Vadta Gadya Re

By the famous Marathi poet Keshavsut (Krishnaji Keshav Damle)   Contributed by Chinmoy  

Ahi Nakool

Poem by the famous Marathi poet Kusumagraj (V. V. Shewalkar) from the collection Vishakha.   Contributed by Chinmoy

Pandhare Hatthi (White Elephants )

From the collection of poems ` Sandhyakaalchya Kavita'  by the Marathi prose writer and poet Manik Godghate , popularly known by his pen-name Grace. Contributed by Chinmoy

The Flight of Birds

By Meena Kandaswamy “a poem should be wordless as the flight of birds.” —Archibald Macleish, Ars Poetica. birds don’t sing in their flight for them flying is a muse they compose mid-air weave agnostic verse sneering haughtily at our absurdity... Continue Reading →

Ogden Nash on Animals

A set of poems by the Ogden Nash, the  American poet well-known for light verse. The Camel The camel has a single hump; The dromedary , two; Or else the other way around. I'm never sure. Are you?  The Octopus... Continue Reading →

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