The StoryBench

We are a community of people who share a love of the written word. We meet to read stories, poems, songs… around a decided theme. This blog is a repository for all that is shared in these meetings.



Acquainted with the night

This is a poem by Robert Frost that speaks of human alienation and hints at depression. I have been one acquainted with the night. I have walked out in rain—and back in rain. I have outwalked the furthest city light.... Continue Reading →

An Un-necessary Woman

Makarand shared his thoughts on Rabih Alameddine's book `An Un-necessary Woman'. Reproduced here is a review of this book on GoodReads   Aaliya Sohbi lives alone in her Beirut apartment, surrounded by stockpiles of books. Godless, fatherless, divorced, and childless,... Continue Reading →

They’re made out of meat

A short story by science fiction writer, Terry Bisson "They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "Meat. They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "There's no doubt about it. We picked up several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard... Continue Reading →

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