The StoryBench

We are a community of people who share a love of the written word. We meet to read stories, poems, songs… around a decided theme. This blog is a repository for all that is shared in these meetings.



Meet 9: Fear

Contributions this time explored the nature of fear, the utility of fear and a new (to most of us) genre of story-telling - the chat story. Enjoy... Torture by Hope, a short story (original in French) by Count Villiers de... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from `Creative Mischief’

A snippet from Dave Trott's blogpost `Creative Mischief' Read the original post here   Contributed by Meeta

annie96 typing…

A chat-story by Pascal Chatterjee While playing around with WhatsApp, I stumbled across a weird chat history between two people I don't know. It scared the hell out of me. When I tried to find it again, the app crashed,... Continue Reading →

Meet 7 : Travel

The theme was `travel'and travel we did... from the dusty desert sands of Afghanistan to the opulent French courts of 1650's and USA of the seventies. Poetry, excerpts from novels to a live-experience activity - we had it all. Vasant Bapat's... Continue Reading →

Excerpt – The Time Machine, H.G.Wells

'But,' said the Medical Man, staring hard at a coal in the fire, 'if Time is really only a fourth dimension of Space, why is it, and why has it always been, regarded as something different? And why cannot we... Continue Reading →

Frenzied light

A poem by Meena Kandasamy. When you called me To light up your life I could never refuse. But, there are things I ask of you. Love, I can’t be a candle For I know it is an ancient lie.... Continue Reading →

Three Men in a Boat – Excerpt

An excerpt from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome  K. Jerome     There is something very strange and unaccountable about a tow-line. You roll it up with as much patience and care as you would take to fold up... Continue Reading →

My Imaginary Friend

By C J Heck My friend, Sherla, was hard to see for Mom and Dad, not me. My imaginary friend was all I had. I’m an only child, you see. Most times Sherla was really good. We did puzzles, read,... Continue Reading →

Meet Four : Childhood

11 November, 2016 The theme this time was ‘Childhood’. … and coincidentally, two of our regulars could not make it to the session because their little ones needed them at home. Talk about living the theme 😀 Everyone brought a... Continue Reading →

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