The StoryBench

We are a community of people who share a love of the written word. We meet to read stories, poems, songs… around a decided theme. This blog is a repository for all that is shared in these meetings.


Parveen Shakir

Meet 3: Ghazal Appreciation

14 October, 2016 This time we had a full turnout and two special guests - Chinmoy's father and Rupa 😀 After commandeering the spare television set, setting it up and connecting his temperamental laptop Chinmoy was set to begin. The... Continue Reading →

Pura Dukh Aur Aadha Chand

By Parveen Shakir   पूरा दुख और आधा चाँद हिज्र की शब और ऐसा चाँद दिन में वहशत बहल गई रात हुई और निकला चाँद किस मक़्तल से गुज़रा होगा इतना सहमा सहमा चाँद यादों की आबाद गली में घूम... Continue Reading →

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