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We are a community of people who share a love of the written word. We meet to read stories, poems, songs… around a decided theme. This blog is a repository for all that is shared in these meetings.


rabindranath tagore

Meet Four : Childhood

11 November, 2016 The theme this time was ‘Childhood’. … and coincidentally, two of our regulars could not make it to the session because their little ones needed them at home. Talk about living the theme 😀 Everyone brought a... Continue Reading →

Child Who is Decked with Prince’s Robes

From Gitanjali by the Nobel Laureate  Rabindranath Tagore  The child who is decked with prince's robes and who has jewelled chains round his neck  loses all pleasure in his play; his dress hampers him at every step.  In fear that... Continue Reading →

Our Second Meet. On `Loss’

1 Oct., 2016 The theme was Loss .... and boy, did we see different shades and interpretations of it in the selections presented! 1. Cinderella. By Roald Dahl I guess you think you know this story. You don't. The real one's... Continue Reading →

Say Not In Grief

Say not in grief that she is no more but say in thankfulness that she was A death is not the extinguishing of a light, but the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come. - Rabindranath Tagore (Contributed... Continue Reading →

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