Contributions this time explored the nature of fear, the utility of fear and a new (to most of us) genre of story-telling – the chat story.


  1. Torture by Hope, a short story (original in French) by Count Villiers de L’Isle-Adam
  2. Dope on a Rope, from ` How to be HAPPY, dammit’ by Karen Salmonsohn
  3. annie96 typing … chat -story by Pascal Chatterjee
  4. When I have fears. Poem by John Keats
  5. What Fear Can Teach Us… TED Talk by Karen Thomson Walker
  6. A horror-cum-humour story by Dave Trott
  7. Shiva and Daksha: The story of two fears. A  Puranic story retold by Devdutt Pattnaik
  8. A note exploring the connect between anger and fear. By Rob Lyman

And here is a quote for you to savour … by Nissim Taleb…

School produces fear of making (small) errors – exactly the opposite of what is needed  for ” major”   success in the world.

Au revoir!