3rd March 2017:

It was Maha Shivratri last week and we were supposed to have met then.  So the theme `Shiva’ seemed very appropriate. But then, we ended up postponing the session but..continued with the theme.

Discussions sparked off by the shares ventured into ritualisation of religion, the genesis of rituals and their role in modern day, the concept of free will and how cool Shiva, or the concept of Shiva is – a rockstar in the pantheon of Hindu Gods!

So anyways, here is what was shared in the session:

  1. The story of Bhilla – from central India
  2. The story of Kannappa Nayanar – from southern India
  3. The concept that is Shiva – the Adiyogi and the Non-Being
  4. Stories about the iconography of Shiva
  5. Riddles that contain references to Shiva

Jai Bholenath!